WFS Program

WFS core program is based on the Singapore Wrestling Grading system jointly devised by International wrestling coaches, Tom Hutchinson and Sergei Beloglazov with the core focus for enabling wrestlers to track their goals and learning progress. It is constantly evaluated and updated by the Singapore Wrestling Coaching Committee in order to suit our local needs and world standing.

    The grading system consist of 3 Levels:
  1. Knowledge (Lower)
  2. Competence (Middle)
  3. Performance (Upper)

    Lower levels (Knowledge)

  • White - Beginner with no wrestling backgroud, will undertake general preparation program for 3 to 6 months before starting technical training.
  • Yellow - First "technical level", trained for 6 months to 1 year (40 classes), demonstrated technical knowledge of yellow level techniques and physical activity.
  • Orange – Trained for 1 - 1.5 years (80 classes), demonstrated technical knowledge of orange level techniques and physical proficiency.
  • Green – Last "technical level", trained for 2 years (120 classes) and demonstrated technical knowledge of Green, Orange and Yellow techniques.

    Middle levels (Competence)

  • Blue - 1st "proficiency level", trained for 2.5 years (min 160 classes), win 3 freestyle matches at *recognised competitions and completed "technical Level"
  • Purple - Trained for 3 years (min 200 classes), win 5 freestyle matches at recognised tournaments and completed blue.
  • Brown – Trained for 4 years (min 280 classes), medallist at a jr/sr regional tournament (SEA) or medalled 3x at recognised competitions.
  • Black 1st degree – Trained for 5 years (min 360 classes), selected jr/sr Commonwealth/Asian/World team member or medalled 5x at recognised competitions.

    Highest levels (performance)

  • Black 2nd degree - Trained for 7 years (min 520 classes), jr/sr Commonwealth/Asian/World team medallist
  • Black 3th degree - Olympic or senior world team member placing 5th or above.
  • Black 4th degree – Olympic or world championships medallist at the senior level.
  • Black 5th to 9th degree – Promotion for every equivalent achievement.

These Values are an integral part of our program and are to be purposely taught to wrestlers.




Adapted from the ESL model, Developed by Hansen bay, Mental edge.