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Beat The Streets (BTS) Singapore is a non-profit programme run by the Wrestling Federation of Singapore that aims to use the sport of wrestling to inspire our urban children and teenagers, and provide them with the academic and athletic support required to reach success.

Through wrestling, participants learn key values such as resilience, discipline, commitment, leadership and sportsmanship. Wrestling also serves as a metaphor for our young on how they can overcome adversity in challenging situations and how the struggle against seemingly unsurmountable odds in wrestling will give them hope.

Through the programme, participants are also equipped with life-skills such as financial literacy. BTS Singapore currently runs free Olympic wrestling classes for children and teenagers under the age of 18 as well as after-school programs at various institutions with hopes of extending more support with other value-added programs with the help of donors and volunteers.

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Twin brothers, Khairy and Qayyum aged 15 are two examples of outgoing sporty teenagers who have benefitted from this programme. Although they love martial arts, they found pursuing such sports at commercial clubs unaffordable. After learning about the Beat The Streets program and inspired by their elder brother who wrestled for the National team, they signed up for it immediately. Their brother Hidayat, now aged 29, says that his twin brothers had many bad influences outside home but wrestling gave them something to focus on. Being able to afford training and equipment for the both of them would have been difficult but through BTS Singapore, the twins are now able to train regularly under qualified coaches in a safe environment and will even have the opportunity to represent our Nation one day.

At another school in the western region of Singapore, students from an after-school program participate in the Beat The Streets program once a week. They are taught important moral values, life skills, and develop coordination and gross motor skills through learning skills like cartwheels and bear crawls, as well as useful wrestling and basic personal protection skills like how to fall safely. Through BTS Singapore’s partnership with other youth organisations such as Junior Achievement Singapore, the students are also taught entrepreneurial and wealth management skills on how to earn, save and donate money and to spend wisely. As one participant, Alisha (not her real name) has to say, "The activities are very fun and I have learnt important values such as teamwork, cooperation and how to respect one another like when we have to shake hands before and after a game".

Beat the streets Programs

Beat the streets programs are currently implemented and ongoing at the following venues:

  • Jurong Sharks Youth Wrestling Club
  • Boon Lay Gardens Primary School
  • Trybe - Community and Youth Services

Past Beat the streets Events

TOUCH Community Services, Young Arrows

Beneficiary of the first Wrestling Federation of Singapore's, Beat The Streets - Wrestle with a heart fund raiser event.

38 wrestlers (kids and adults) participated in the day long event. The event saw a total of 46 bouts of wrestling action along with charity sale of snacks and beverages. All proceeds from event registrations and sales from snacks and beverages goes to our beneficiary.

(TOUCH Young Arrows helps children aged six to 12 years old from low-income and/or single-parent families through programmes such as free academic coaching in primary school subjects (English and Mathematics), values-driven activities and year-round family bonding events.)


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